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The elusive Room 27 at Planet Baobab, Botswana

Mariska Ford (December 2013)   “Makgadikgadi? I asked what was out there, and they said ‘Nothing-only idiots go there.’ I thought fine, that’s the place for me.” Jack Bousfield, 1963   It was indeed this quote by the famous hunter, adventurer and safari operator, Jack Bousfield that convinced us to plan the most memorable breakaway imaginable.   A Saturday in…

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Silent witnesses of time in Botswana

Mariska Ford (December 2013)   Our journey began when my new romantic companion asked me to join him on an overland safari. I was in love and extremely excited about my first visit to Botswana. We met up with the rest of our convoy and began our epic journey through this spectacular country. We visited Nata, Kasane, Chobe, Savuti and…

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Bird on a wire

Mariska Ford ( 30 July 2015)     The Catamaran glided over the calm blue waters of the Dalmatian coast in Croatia. The sun was at the top of his journey when we arrived at the islet of Biservo. The olive groves and vineyards made fruitful dances in the ocean breeze and our guide closed his eyes as he took…