Greetings to all our fellow travellers.


We are the Ford’s and we love to suck the marrow right out of life, while wandering this beautiful planet!

(Maybe it’s because we share a surname with someone who revolutionized travelling…)


For us, travelling is far more than roaming an airport with a boarding pass or getting a stamp in your passport. For us, it is a way of life!


A trip to school can easily be a journey if you let it. Seeing the bright orange sun throwing its misty grey coat over the unaffected power lines can be as breath taking as a sunrise over the majestic landscape of the Serengeti.


Even a trip to the supermarket can be a journey if you are attentive and open minded to new adventures. Instead of rushing past the exotic food aisle, you’ll be inspired to try something new and out of the ordinary.


Travel is something that enriches you.

It changes you and makes you grow.

It stretches you and challenges your comfort zone.

It connects you with your own fears and dreams and those of others.


Maybe that is why the root word of travel is “travail”, which translates to a laborious effort. It’s like giving birth to new ideas, dreams and experiences every time you step out of your comfort zone.


It is our passion and dream to inspire every reader and follower to:


Explore unknown territories, near and far.


Experience different cultures, food, landscapes and people. We want to spread the ministry of reconciliation by breaking free from prejudice and ignorance.


Expand your knowledge and capacity to embrace everything this precious life has to offer.


For us, travelling

Hope you enjoy travelling with us!



The Fords from 4travellers.